Monday, June 14, 2010

Tansian Theatre Group of Tansian University's website

Tansian Theatre Group of Tansian University under its head, Tumeun Terungwa has launched its entertainment website, for the promotion of the group in particular and Tansian University in general.

The website which is design by Tumeun Terungwa John and Igwilo Chike Richmond (all students of Tansian University) is full of entertainment news, all the members of Tansian Theatre Group have personal pages there where you can read about their personal life. The group is currently planning a TV programme and is currently hunting for sponsorship of this tedious project.

TTG is strictly promoting the ideas of the founder of Tansian University, Prof. John Bosco Akam, by educating and empowering the youth through but this time, through entertainment among other educative programmes.

Visit to feel the handwork of Tansian University students.

Another purpose of the website is to show the world the stuff Tansian University students are made of in terms of ICT. The website is solely designed by Tumeun John (Mass Communication Department) and Igwilo Chike Richmond (Computer Science & Info Tech Department).

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