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Tansian University is founded by Very Reverend Monsignor Prof. John Bosco Akam, a priest under the Onitsha Archdiocese of Nigeria. He made the first move towards establishing Tansian University in 2002, and from there, he did not relaxed until Tansian University was licensed by the National University Commission (NUC) on the 17th day of May 2007 along with seven other universities.
Tansian University started off in its satellite campus in Oba, Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State since then, it has been progressing excessively.

Tansian University is another product of the efforts of Rev. Monsignor John Bosco Akam, a lover of education, no doubt about it, his tribesmen call him a chieftaincy title, “Nna - Ife , meaning The Father of Enlightenment/civilisation". Tansian University derived its name from Rev. Fr. Michael Iwene Tansi, a selfless servant of God who died about 40 years ago and on whose honour, the Late Pope John Paul II visited Nigeria in Jan, 1998. Rev. Monsignor Akam followed the footsteps of Fr. Iwene Tansi in his selfless service to humanity, (I know about 30 students who are studying under his scholarship programme in Tansian University) and on setting up Tansian University, he named it Tansian to immortalize the Late Iwene Tansi (maybe the guy was/is his mentor, I don't know). Tansian University is temporary located at Oba, Idemili - South Local Government of Anambra State, just opposite the site where Pope John Paul II addressed the crowd during his visit in 1998. I can rightly say that Tansian University has come to stay within these two and half years of its inception, it has gone through a lot of troubled waters and it is still standing its ground and as well progressing excessively. Never seen a man who smiles in the face of troubles like Monsignor Akam, maybe its because he is guided by his philosophy of life "Age Quod Agis" some Latin words meaning "That which is good, that which is noble, that which is right, do it, whether you receive a pat at the back or not", interesting, only few people will go with that but he does. I have listen to Monsignor Akam several times, and guided by his speeches, I've realised that making it in life is not about been pessimistic or listening to pessimism, it kills your spirit of success, it is about been optimistic, believing in yourself and in God, it is about not allowing problems whatsoever to weigh you down, but standing tall in the face of all the troubles within and around you with faith. I am glad I am a Tansian student, I feel great because I am really inspired. Tansian is a university that all the professors and doctors, the Pro-chancellor, the VC, registrar and all the rest of them have time for the students. Interactive sessions are called at least once a month where staff and student air their views and grievances alike and are attended to by either the Pro-Chancellor or the VC. As of the time of this post, Tansian University had rather a small compound for the growing population but we were promised that by the time we come back from our long vacation in Oct., that shall be a story of the past and to God, I believe that with faith. Tansian is among the cheapest private universities in Nigeria, though because of the reshufflings and rearrangements to make us (students) comfortable, we are called upon every now and then to pay for this or that, which is most of the times less than N 5,000. I believe in God too that at the level Tansian University is growing now, that will very soon become a story of the past too. I commend the staffs of Tansian University who are offering their services, not for the love of their salaries but for the love of education and progress. I appreciate the efforts of my Head of Department, Rev. Fr. P.O.J. Umechukwu (PhD), Mr. Raphael Onwudinjor and Mr. Oliver Uja, all in the department of Mass Communication, they are doing their best. I join with them and my co-Mass Communication students in Tansian University to look forward for our great high power studio which we anticipate before Nov. this year. My course mates wonderful, I love them all. The TANSIAN THEATRE GROUP is another family that keeps me going when I feel down. It’s really a home here. Because of my numerous posts on the Net about Tansian University, most people allow themselves to have a misconception that I am receiving some incentives somewhere to promote Tansian University, that's a big NO. I am a student of this nascent and fast progressing school, I am really getting what an undergraduate student should get; sound education, good morals, plus great inspirations from great people, so why should I keep quiet. I love writing, expressing my views (of course, why I am doing Mass Communication) so why not write about my experiences in Tansian University?

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