Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FOREX TRADING, can the computer science teach it in 2 days?

Most students after seeing the banners hung around by the computer students of Tansian University regarding a 2day seminar, their attentions were drawn to the part of making money legally on the Internet especially FOREX TRADING and GOOGLE ADSENSE.

Some students came to me and asked me, "Guy, since you people know much about the Internet, do you think it is possible for this computer students to teach one how to TRADE FOREX in 2 days plus other things?"

The question caught me unawares so I blushed and thought for a while before answering. This was my answer.

"Chairman, we all know what FOREX TRADING is, it is not something one will perfect even in 6 months, but one need a good start - which is the most important thing - and I believe that is what the computer science students wants to give us all, and for N2,000, men, it is worth giving them a trial. Get a good start now that they are bringing the opportunity to you and then learn more and more through more seminars and online researches".

The student said "Man, I think you are right, but be sure that when I get this good start, I will still contact you so that you can tell me what next to do".

I said, "Nice, then go pay your 2K and grab a good start from the Computer science guys". And that was the end of discussion.

Well, if you are asking the same question, I think my answer above might help a little. GO GRAB A GOOD START! Then come and build it with the necessary assistance.

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