Sunday, November 22, 2009


Tansian University has taken another broad step foward to its bid to becoming a world class university by employing new professors and PhD holders (all decorated with degrees of higher level from different top universities around the world and with full of work experience from different universities) to occupy the principal posts.
The new principal officers are as follows:

Prof. E. N. Osakwe - Deputy Vice Chancellor
Dr. Mrs. S. Asakwara - Registrar
Dr. S. Nnoli - Bursar
Mr. Joseph C. Amafulu- Academic Librarian
Prof. E. Osakwe - Dean, Natural and Applied Science
Rev. Fr. Dr. D. Mmo - Dean, Management and Social Science

Apart from the above post, other posts include the post of Director of Academic Planning and new Head of Departments for all the dozen departments presently in the university including that of Mass Communication, whose new Head of Department is a gentleman named Dr. Obiukwu Ogwueleka (PhD) .

As a student, I expect nothing but the best for us and prospective students and a world class university as my alma matta.

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