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Job Title: National Programme Coordinator (NPC)

Location: Abuja

Reporting and Location
The position will be in the NPCT in Abuja. The NPC will report directly to Director, FDRD as well as Indirectly to the National Programme StreeringCommitte (NPSC). As the secretary to the NPSC, the NPC will also report to the NPSC.

Main Responsibilities
The National Programme Coordinator will be responsible for the overall management and implementation of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Programme Phase l (ATASP-I).
He/She will also be responsible for managing the team of experts within the NPCT and ensuring their performance and that of the service providers hired to implement programme activities.
A key element of the position will be to ensure that the programme achieves its development objectives
Specifies Duties
Coordinate and supervise all activities of the ATASP-l, in direct liaison with the AfDB.
Organize and conduct project coordination meetings, as well as. facilitating the National Steering Committee (NSC), including providing all information required by the committee and acting as the secretary for the committee,
Responsible for efficient and effective management of project resources, including being signatory to the project special accounts,
Coordinate the recruitment of technical assistants and national technical specialists to fill the positions in the ATASP-l as well as short-term specialists and other service providers required for implementation of the project. Appraise ATASP-l technical staff on regular basis on job performance end otherwise, and ensure effective supervision of other contracted service providers.
With the assistance and guidance of the procurement officer; take full responsibility for procurement of goods and services in project implementation, Approve contracts for all transactions Undertaken by the project in accordance with Bank procedures, and FGN procedures where applicable.
As the head of the project implementation team, coordinate and supervise the activities of Implementing Partners, in particular NGOs and Consultant Technical Services Provider (TSPs) to ensure effective delivery of Project services.
Promote collaboration with other partners, including the private sector, in the area of value chain development.
Ensure effective planning and execution of project activities in. accordance with the appraisal report and. loan f grant agreements. Prepare Annual Work Plan and Budgets (AWPBs) and Procurement Plans for approval by the National Steering Committee; and ensure submission to AfDB for approval by October of every year Authorize the subsequent releases of funds for agreed activities and ensure timely and appropriate reporting on progress and problems of Project implementation, including Quarterly and Annual Progress Reports, a Mid-Term Review Report. Audit Reports anti Project Completion Report, in accordance with agreed reporting format.
Coordinate and fully participate in the activities of the Bank’s supervision missions with all: national stakeholders in the mission activities.
Ensure that all project staff’ prepare and agree on performance objectives and criteria at the beginning of every year. Appraise project staff performance on monthly and annual basis.
Undertake any other responsibility that will ensure smooth and effective implementation of the Project.
Qualification and Experience
Masters degree or equivalent in Agriculture, Rural Development, or a related science, Agricultural Economics Agribusiness together with postgraduate qualification or proven specialized training m project management.
Minimum of 10 years post qualification experience in the coordination of donor fonded (preferably multilateral) projects/programmes with proven leadership, team building and effective communication qualities Experience with community-based and)or small holder-oriented development initiatives is desirable,
Demonstrated ability to establish priorities and to plan, coordinate, and monitor his/her own work plan and those of subordinate staff,
Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and to make appropriate links in work processes and anticipate next steps.
Excellent interpersonal mid team building skills including negotiation skills
Excellent written and spoken communication skills, including presentation.
Computer literacy with proficient knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point applications.
Well developed organization skills
Proficiency in English language with excellent communication skills.
Thorough knowledge of Government and private sector institutional and organizational structures and operations iii general. Experience in Nigeria is required.
Terms of Appointment
Maximum of five years, renewable every year subject to satisfactory performance. The performance criteria will be the indicators for assessing every officer.

Job Title: Irrigation/Rural Infrastructure Engineer

Location: Abuja

Main Responsibilities
Reporting to the National Programme Coordinator, the Irrigation/Rural Infrastructure Engineer will be possible for all irrigation and rural infrastructure engineering activities relating to the Programme.

Specific Duties
The Irrigation and Infrastructure Engineer would be responsible for activities relating to rehabilitation/development of irrigation, micro-hydropower, potable water supply infrastructure under the Project. He/she will report to the National Project Coordinator and work in collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources and other external implementation partners.
The specific responsibilities of the Engineer will include but not limited to the following;
Be responsible for the implementation of irrigation, potable water supply and associated energy infrastructure.
Follow-up on procurement of goods and services for all infrastructure projects. In liaison with the Procurement officer, prepare and/or assist implementing agenoies in the preparation of TOR, bidding documents, request for proposals and bid evaluation reports for procurement of civil works, goods and technical assistance services under the agricultural infrastructure rehabilitation and Development component in accordance with standards and requirements of AfDB;
Undertake inspection of works to verify quality, quantity and timeliness of work dune and prepare end/or verify payment certificates for service providers engaged on project irrigation and other infrastructure related activities.
Identify the various infrastructure activities for which short-term expertise is. required, prepare detailed TOR for tii required specialist input, facilitate the recruitment and, guide and supervise short-term technical specialists inputs.
Ensure that the maintenance programme of irrigation and related infrastructure is properly designed and put in place appropriate mechanisms for its execution during and after the project, in accordance with the stipulation of the appraisal report.
In liaison with the Ministry of Environment, ensure that environmental mitigation tneasures are implemented as part of infrastructure rehabilitatiun and development, as well as conducting regular envirunmentalmonitoring activities.
contribute relevant content to Project Progress Reports. Liaise with the Zonal and Local government Agriculture Officers as well as the Programme Monitoring Officer to prepare quarterly, bi-annual and annual progress reports, as well as mid-term review report for infrastructure development and management.
Participate actively in AfDB supervision missions by collecting and providing infrastructure implementation progress data and information required by the missions.
Assist with preparing water management training modules and course requirements for the Communities, Zonal and Local government staff in liaison with training service providers and provide technical support to the trainers.
Liaise with programme stakeholders and other relevant project programmes, state agencies, NGO’s, private sector, and other parties in order to facilitate programme implementation.
Assist in organizing National Steering Committee meetings and preparing records.
Qualifications and Experience
At least Bachelors Degree in irrigation, water and/or hydraulic engineering.
At least 10 years proven work experience in rural infrastructure development including rural water supply/irrigation and energy infrastructure.
Demonstrated ability to establish priorities and to plan, coordinate, and monitor his or her own work plan and to collaborate with colleagues across operating units.
Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines.
Result focused and self motivated professionals with proven ability to work under minimum guidance.
Computer literate with excellent working knowledge i.e Microsoft Officer applications, especially Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, ATUOCAD in addition to other water/hydraulic engineering design software.
Excellent writing and presentation skills
Proficiency in English language with excellent communication skills Excellent interpersonal skills.
Knowledge of design and construction of irrigation infrastructure, particularly for rice production (upland and swamp) and potable water supply facilities.
Knowledge of renewable/alternative energy systems such as micro-hydro power, solar and biogas is desirable.
Performance criteria
Procedures for implementation of infrastructure and associated environmental management activities (i.e irrigation,potable water supply and associated alternative energy infrastructure) prepared and included in draft Project Implementation Manual within one month of assumption of duty or as agreed with project management.
Annual Work plan and Budget (AWPB) for infrastructure activities prepared in accordance with recommended formats and submitted to M&E officer within the agreed time after assumption of duty and there after every 5th Day of October.
Schedule of required Consultants’ and/or other Agency services for infrastructure activities prepared and provided to procurement specialist for.inclusion in the procurement plans on quarterly and annual basis. Specific and Quantifiable quarterly milestones (in implementation of infrastructure and associated environmental management activities), agreed with Project Management within 5 days prior to the beginning of each quarter on the basis of the approved AWPB.
Acceptable Terms of Reference or, as applicable, specifications for procurement of goods, works and services in respect of infrastructure activities prepared in time to ensure compliance with approved procurement plans.
Infrastructure and environmental management services contracts between PIU and service providers or other government agencies are efficiently supervised and implemented; acceptable deliverables obtained and contracts are completed on time. Consultant’s Reports or Contractor’s/Suppliers Work Statement or Bids in respect of all infrastructure and environmental management activities, reviewed and report/recommendations submitted to management within 5 days of receipt of the reports.
Field visit reports on infrastructure an4 environmental management activities submitted to management within a minimum of two (2) days of returning from the field visit.
Infrastructure and Environmental management activities Progress Reports prepared in recommended/agreed format (i) Quarterly and Annual report within five (5.) days of the end of the quarter or year; (Ii) monthly reports for management within two (2) days of the end of the month; (iii) Reports for Bank supervision missions within a maximum of two (2) days of arrival of the mission, Management/or bank queries on infrastructure and environmental management activities responded to within a maximum of two (2) days of notification, Clear and measurable quarterly performance targets/milestones agreed. with the National project Coordinator at the beginning of each quarter. Performance appraisal form completed and submitted to Project Coordinator by 5th of June and 5th of January every year.
Failure to comply with the above listed time-based criteria in any one year and/or nonconformity to the prescribed plans, rules and standards, without documentary evidence of reasons thereof, shall disqualify the irrigation/infrastructure Engineer from the post and lead to the cessation of the contract.

Terms of Appointment
Maximum of five years, renewable every year subject to satisfactory performance. The performance criteria will be the indicators for assessing every officer.

Method of Application
Applications are invited from suitable qualified candidates. Each candidate should submit ten (16) copies of his/her application.
Qualified Women candidates are highly encouraged to apply. All application should be addressed to;

The Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Director,
Department of Rural Development
No. 1 Capital Drive, FCDA Secretariat,
Area 11, Garki, Abuja

Note: All applications must be addressed and delivered to the above address.

Applicants should ensure that the positions applied for are clearly written on the top right hand side of the envelopes.

Closing Date 29th September, 2014

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